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Today is the second day of the PIERS 2017 in St Petersburg and participants are having a hard but also pleasant day of work here - same as yesterday, same as tomorrow.

Sessions are on air: oral and poster presentations are here to be heared and discussed in a surrounding of specialists on physics. Today is also the day of Best Student Paper Award presentations - the brightest minds of young scientists are presenting to win the prize. The Awarding ceremony will take place tomorrow during the Gala Dinner along with other colorful and memorable activities included in the banquet program.

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Today we are greeting our guests on the first day of the PIERS 2017 at St Petersburg, Russia!

Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium is a huge regular international event, valuable in the world of sciense in common and especially in field of researches on physics.

This St Petersburg symposium lasts for 4 days, May 22 till May 25, and is a platform for connection and experience exchanghe fo more than 1000 patricipants from all over the world.

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Have a nice time!